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Sleep Testimonials

Lyndsey’s solutions are very gentle, always practical, often creative and best of all, they’re effective! She really got to know me and my little one, and her suggestions were all tailored to our family Straight away, our bedtime routine was shorter and more peaceful. Within weeks, naps became longer and far less stressful, and my son started napping in his cot after previously only napping in my arms or his pram.

Esther and 9 month old Max

I contacted Lyndsey feeling pretty hopeless and angry and it was like she had known us for years. She was so easy to talk to and I was amazed at how much we talked about – parenting, school, diet, the family dynamic, even her bedroom layout. Within one week (!) we had no more screaming, no battles, a cooperative child and a very happy mummy!

Rosie and 3½ year old Lily

We had two non-sleeping children! We contacted Lyndsey and our kids immediately got involved. It was probably two weeks for us to sort it out. I only wish we had spoken to her earlier – cannot recommend her highly enough, especially if you have older toddlers – she was brilliant with them.

Angus with 2 year old Dexter and 3.5 year old Molly

Lyndsey was an utter delight! She was so calm and non judgmental about our parenting methods and instantly put us at ease. And even better, she really does offer a no cry solution!!

However, the must important thing I took away from the whole experience was a new found confidence in my gentle parenting skills and for this I will be eternally grateful. Even my (deeply sceptical) husband said I was like a new woman.

Louise and 2½ year old Rosie

I contacted Lyndsey when our little boy was 7 months old. He was waking a number of times every night and I always ended up feeding him back to sleep but sometimes it would be 2 hours before I could settle him. It was getting very tiring and frustrating! Lyndsey was a huge help to us. Her approach is so gentle and non-judgmental.

Lorna and 7 month old Isaac

A week just doesn’t seem right without an email to you! I just wanted to let you know that a few weeks after our weaning through the night process Xander has decided that he has had enough breast milk and dropped the last feed all on his own. Amazing and most unexpected!

Annie and 2 year old Xander

Hi Lyndsey,

Just wanted to share our great news this morning- SHE SLEPT THROUGH!
Took a while to go off but slept 7.30-6.10!! Stirred at 5 and we were convinced she was waking up but she settled herself and went back off!

So so so pleased!

Sarah and 20 month old Mia

Dear Lyndsey

I could not vocally express very well how grateful I am just to have had this chat with you today. Because you have done something which no one has been able to for several years. You have made me face something that had been locked in for years. And you made me feel good about myself. For that and everything else, thank you. Thank you so much.

Priya and 10 month old Ayisha

Feed Testimonials

Meeting Lyndsey was like receiving a warm hug at a very low point in our breastfeeding story which gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to persevere.  I really cannot recommend her highly enough.

Anna and baby Rafa

Lyndsey was the only person to investigate the issues and devise a plan to deal with the various breastfeeding troubles we were encountering (ineffective milk transfer, low milk supply, low birth weight).

If you would have told me that just a matter of weeks later we would be entirely back on the breast with an average weight gain of 250g + per week, I would have never believed you!

Claire and baby Freya

Thank you so much, you have literally revolutionised our life. I only wish I had made contact with you before we had our first baby! Still, better late than never & Raffy is loving the rewards as well as me.

Jess and baby Raffy

We first met Lyndsey when Aaron was a tiny newborn. She provided practical support, and we came up with a plan together for improving my supply. I’m so pleased to be exclusively breastfeeding, which once seemed very unlikely. I don’t think we’d be where we are today without Lyndsey’s help – her knowledge, experience and calm support have been invaluable.

Jess and baby Aaron

It’s difficult to communicate quite how much Lyndsey helped me after I gave birth to my third daughter. Lyndsey was kind, patient, caring and also made me laugh, in a situation that was not at all funny…

If you are having a tough time, or are confused by other people’s advice, call Lyndsey.  Her knowledge is unparalleled, and coupled by her experience, patience, kindness and sense of humour, you know you are in the safest possible hands.

Katy and baby Martha

Teaching Feedback

Lyndsey, I attended your sleep course earlier in the year and just I wanted to thank you for putting on a fantastic course. Your passion and knowledge is immense and I felt I came away with a really well-balanced view on sleep, and ready to pursue my next venture.

The course was well structured, informative and very easy to follow. Lyndsey was great at going at the right pace for everyone and making sure everything was fully understood before moving on.

Louise Paul Portsmouth

I recently attended the Level 4 Postnatal Maternity Nurse Course which was brilliant. Lyndsey is amazing, funny and very knowledgeable.

Rebecca Stevenson London

In November, 2013, I took part in the Maternity Nursing Care Course. After 28 years working as a nanny/maternity nurse I wanted to upgrade my skills and CV. This was the perfect course! Lyndsey was a fountain of knowledge and kept the learning at a steady pace.

Nanny Burnley

I have just finished a maternity nurse course. Lyndsey was amazing and really knowledgeable.

Claire Rodgers London

I recently attended maternity nurse training which was highly recommended by friends and did not disappoint. Lyndsey was funny and knowledgeable and used varied activities.

E Towin Wandsworth

I have completed the maternity nurse and breastfeeding course. I really enjoyed the courses: Lyndsey was very experienced, interesting and fun.

Monika Stratford

I did maternity nurse training in November 13, I have worked with children since 1986, I found the training very interesting and it was given at a nice steady pace with time for questions.

Kirsty Macaulay Horsham