FS18 – Breastfeeding myths and problems and how they impact sleep


22nd November 10am, 22nd November 8pm



Are you working with lots of breastfeeding families and want to know how to support them? Sleep and feeding often come as a pair, and yet, there is a lot of false information around. In this 90-minute webinar, learn about breastfeeding myths and problems and how and why these affect sleep – or not!

We will cover:

Common breastfeeding booby traps:

  • Big babies
  • Small babies
  • Multiple babies
  • ‘Hungry babies’
  • Fussy babies
  • Cluster feeding
  • Growth spurts

As well as:

  • red flags that require referral
  • breastfeeding problems that can affect sleep, including
  • tongue tie
  • oversupply
  • allergy
  • poor latch

This webinar is suitable for child, sleep and health care professionals, as well as parents who wish to learn more. All attendees will be emailed a recording of the presentation after the webinar has ended.