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Birth trauma recovery treatment – Feed Sleep Bond

Birth trauma recovery treatment




As well as a nurse, IBCLC and holistic sleep coach, I am a 3-step Rewind birth trauma recovery practitioner, offering release from the heavy and negative feelings that are sometimes left behind after a traumatic event.

Are you burdened by flashbacks, nightmares, insomnia, fear or anxiety? Are these feelings stopping you from enjoying life to the full? This safe, gentle, quick, and effective technique has revolutionised thousands of people’s lives – including my own! This technique can be used for men, women, and couples.

The 3 step rewind method uses NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques to guide you to a place of deep relaxation. In this deeply relaxed state, you are asked to watch your memory on a ‘screen’ in your minds eye, in a dissociated state to prevent you from experiencing a re-triggering of your trauma. In this state, you then have a window of opportunity to reprogram the way you think and feel about your memory.

You do not have to share the specifics of your memory if you do not want to. The technique has been used for many years to overcome:

  • PTSD
  • Birth trauma
  • Family conflicts
  • Trauma associated with the diagnosis of a life-threatening or life-limiting condition in a loved one
  • Phobias
  • Deep seated negative held beliefs

During the first session (of 2) I will explain how trauma memories are stored differently and why people continue to experience flashbacks, reliving or compulsive retelling of their trauma memory, and how rewind works to reprogram this. Essentially you will still remember, but the memory will be free of the associated heavy and burdening emotions around it, because it is free to float off into your long term memory rather than being stuck in your short term memory.

Specifically, this treatment takes place over 2 sessions. The first is around 90 minutes and is an opportunity for you to be able to explain how the memory continues to affect you. You can either share specifics or not (its up to you). I then use solution focussed questions to enable you to prepare for the rewind. The second session is around 60 minutes, during which the rewind takes place. The treatment can take place at your own home if you are within 10 miles of PL19, or you can come to my home, near Tavistock, SW Devon. I do not offer this treatment remotely, as it is much more successful face to face. You will need to arrange for any children to be cared for during the treatment.

Afterwards, I follow up with a phone call, to find out how you have found the treatment, and ensure that it has been successful.


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