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Compassionate, experienced breastfeeding specialist in South West Devon

Welcoming a new baby into your life, whatever your family dynamic or circumstances, is an incredibly special, intense, and emotional time that is not always easy! Just as parenting, potty training, learning to drive and many other life skills are normal and natural – remember that problems are ‘normal’ in most situations. Learning to breastfeed is no different. It may sometimes test you to the limit, but that doesn’t mean your current problems are not fixable – even if other professionals have been unable to help you. Breastfeeding may have seemed the only thing you could possibly do for your baby, or you may be less romantic about it! Regardless of how you came to be viewing this website, congratulations on the birth of your baby, or the news of your pregnancy.

What is an IBCLC?

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are the gold standard in lactation management. No other health professional is required to have as much theoretical and practical training and knowledge as an IBCLC. They are regulated by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners, and have to keep up to date, as well as re-certify every 5 years. You may never have heard of an IBCLC – probably because there are only about 500 of us in the UK!! IBCLC’s have the most extensive set of skills and knowledge.

Peaceful, sleeping baby after a feed
Lyndsey and children
Breastfeeding and expressing

Have you suffered with;

  • Sore, cracked nipples
  • Pain before, during, or after feeds
  • Mastitis
  • Candida (thrush)
  • Fussy babies and babies with low weight gain
  • Over-supply
  • Breast refusal
  • Returning to work
  • Expressing

Do you need information on;

  • Increasing your milk supply and weaning from formula feeding
  • Reflux or colic
  • Breastfeeding a baby with allergies
  • Breastfeeding a baby with medical problems
  • Breastfeeding premature babies
  • Breastfeeding twins, triplets or more!!
  • Breastfeeding after breast reduction or augmentation surgery
  • Breastfeeding a toddler
  • Tandem feeding
  • Weaning your baby from the breast
  • Tongue tie and infant sucking problems