The breastfeeding support system in the U.K. is built on, and relies upon privilege.

I love being an IBCLC. I’m incredibly proud to be one, and have worked extremely hard to get here. I’ve been qualified nearly 10 years, and was supporting families with breastfeeding for 8 years before that. I know enough to be able to say confidently that I know what I’m talking about. I also know [...]

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Breastfeeding the Brave

Resources and FAQs for parents & professionals If your child or patient/client has just been diagnosed with a medical condition, illness or disability, please start here. This is a collection of resources and guidelines collated over my years of supporting families of medically complex children. Note that research is currently extremely limited in relation to [...]

The HSCP response to the Bilgin & Wolke 2020 study on cry it out…. by Lyndsey Hookway

Cry it out is a hotly debated topic, and one I have commented on previously. I make no secret of my dislike for this approach, but my dislike is based on an objective assessment. Here's the latest study to throw into the mix... I originally posted this response on a Facebook post, but so many [...]

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Increasing your milk supply

Whether you're currently working to reduce or eliminate formula supplements, or you stopped breastfeeding some time ago and wonder whether you could re-start, you'll probably need some practical tips for increasing your milk supply. Sometimes people refer to this as re-lactation, if there has been a gap where you haven't breastfed for some time. Whatever [...]

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Triple feeding

Every family has a unique feeding journey. I never get bored of hearing people's stories. But there are a few scenarios that crop up more often than others. Painful breastfeeding. Non-latching babies. Windy, fussy babies. And triple feeding.... What in the world is triple feeding you ask? Well, you may be doing it without realising [...]

Sleep – one step at a time

What are your sleep goals? Do you long for your situation to be vastly different from the current one? Is your child’s sleep becoming unsustainable? I have an approach to sleep that may help – one step at a time. Here’s what I mean. Firstly – it’s only a problem if it’s a problem for [...]

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Why I won’t hold your baby for you…

That sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it? You’re exhausted. I’m not. Why won’t I just give you a break? Here’s the thing. You may have been holding, rocking, and trying to soothe your crying baby for hours. You might be exhausted, lacking in confidence, and feeling broken.  You might be thinking: ‘What is wrong with [...]

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How to cope with really bad days

We've all had those days. When the toddler has raided the bin, there's a hole in the ceiling, the car has broken down, the baby won't stop crying. Heck - you can't stop crying. How do you cope? Here are some practical tips for how to cope with really bad days... Scaling the problem I [...]

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The cry-it-out debate

Stress, cortisol, crying – what’s the big deal? I’ve been trying for some time to formulate a coherent response to recent books which continue to say that cry-it-out is not harmful (Oster, 2019; Canapari, 2019). Even public guidelines for children’s community services have jumped on the band wagon (Asmussen and Brims, 2018). But what is [...]

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Ditching the dummy – why, when and how?

Are you dreading ditching the dummy? Whether you always planned to give your baby a dummy/pacifier/soother, or you made a 2am dash to the 24-hour supermarket, you will eventually want to stop it. Many parents dread the day, or simply don't know how to go about this. I can't promise it will be easy, but [...]

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