Why I hate the naughty step

Naughty step, time out, thinking spot: They’ve all become the mainstay of disciplining young children. Gina Ford loves them, Jo Frost (supernanny) can’t tackle a problem without them. But do they actually work? Or, more importantly, even if they achieve the outcome we wanted, have we taught our children the right message? Let me explain [...]

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Consistency is everything – starting with you!

Consistency is everything! There is a lot of information on consistency out there. "Have a consistent bedtime routine". "Keep your boundaries consistent". "Make sure you follow through and are consistent". I’m not saying there is anything wrong with these things necessarily: but I want to stretch your mind a little. So often, we do things to children. [...]

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An open letter to schools about behaviour policies…

If you are concerned about the tendencies to over-use time outs, removal of playtime privileges, being isolated from the class, denied treats or ridiculing children in order to control behaviour then please feel free to cut and paste this letter, adapt it as you see fit, and spread widely. Let's start a revolution in how [...]

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How to be more patient when there’s nothing left…

...Start with being patient with yourself! Do you feel overwhelmed with tiredness and frustration, exhausted, ratty and irritable? Of course, sleep deprivation doesn't help, but first things first - look after yourself. It's a mistake not to, and one which I've learned the hard way. Sometimes it's not the lack of sleep but the relentlessness [...]

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