Breastfeeding the Brave

Resources and FAQs for parents & professionals If your child or patient/client has just been diagnosed with a medical condition, illness or disability, please start here. This is a collection of resources and guidelines collated over my years of supporting families of medically complex children. Note that research is currently extremely limited in relation to [...]

Triple feeding

Every family has a unique feeding journey. I never get bored of hearing people's stories. But there are a few scenarios that crop up more often than others. Painful breastfeeding. Non-latching babies. Windy, fussy babies. And triple feeding.... What in the world is triple feeding you ask? Well, you may be doing it without realising [...]

When are nipple shields helpful?

Nipple shields can divide opinion! Whether you want to know if nipple shields might help, or you want to ditch your shields, read on! I have sore nipples - should I use nipple shields? This is probably the most common reason women consider using nipple shields. The thought is that if you have nipple trauma, [...]

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Can every mother breastfeed her baby?

If I had a pound for every time I heard someone ask “Can every mother breastfeed her baby?” I would be a wealthy woman. Certainly, if the horror stories, tabloid articles and certain books and websites are to be believed, the odds of an individual mother succeeding at breastfeeding are pretty dismal. Is breastfeeding success a [...]

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A lactation consultant’s guide to bottle feeding

For anyone who isn't aware, lactation consultants are not anti-bottle feeding. We are always pro-babies, and pro-mothers/parents. There are many very good reasons why you may be combination feeding, fully bottle feeding, or even considering bottle feeding. I don't judge you for any of them. I don't know your story, and this is not the post to [...]

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When your breastfed baby is admitted to hospital

A hospital admission is extremely scary and overwhelming, whatever the reason for the admission. When you're breastfeeding your baby, this can be especially difficult. Sometimes it can feel like breastfeeding is being put on 'the back burner' when there is a problem with your baby's health or weight, but actually, there is no need for breastfeeding to be [...]

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Ineffective feeding as a cause of poor infant weight gain

‘Let down surfing' – a subtle cause of poor infant weight gain “But he feeds for ages” “I’m always feeding – how can she not be getting enough” “It must be me – I don’t have enough milk” “I’ve been told there’s nothing wrong with the positioning” ​ Any of these sound familiar? Usually, poor weight gain [...]

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How to stop breastfeeding

... with as few tears as possible Firstly, well done for every single drop of milk that you’ve made and fed to your little one! Every day, week, month and year matters to the long term health and wellbeing of your child, so you deserve to feel rightly proud. ​ There are so many reasons [...]

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Does Breastfeeding Matter?

I’ve noticed a burst of blogs and articles lately seeming to rubbish breastfeeding evidence, claiming equivalency of breast and formula milk, decrying any benefits of breastfeeding or risks of formula feeding, and defending formula as merely a choice, rather than a health dilemma. I’ve been pondering the correct response to this for some time. I [...]

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