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Consistency is everything – starting with you!

Consistency is everything! There is a lot of information on consistency out there. "Have a consistent bedtime routine". "Keep your boundaries consistent". "Make sure you follow through and are consistent". I’m not saying there is anything wrong with these things necessarily: but I want to stretch your mind a little. So often, we do things to children. [...]

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Self-soothing – what is it?

It’s a phrase you probably never heard before you were a parent, and now you’re obsessed with it. “If only he would self-soothe we would all get more sleep” – right? Lets look at what it means, how it works and how to achieve it (obviously in an age-appropriate and developmentally sensitive way!). You may [...]

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You, your child, and crying. What it all means.

‘No cry’, ‘low cry’ gentle sleep solutions. That's what I'm all about. As much as practically possible. But will your little one definitely not cry? No guarantees I’m afraid. Many parents (myself included!) absolutely HATE hearing their little one crying, and will do anything to avoid crying. There is of course a lot of variability [...]

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How to rescue breastfeeding from disaster

​Did your baby receive supplemental bottles of expressed milk or formula as a newborn? Not what you had planned? Is combination feeding becoming a nightmare? Don’t panic! All is not lost. This story is familiar to many mums. You planned to breastfeed. You wanted to. But your baby doesn’t behave like your antenatal class doll [...]

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Night waking in older children

You could be forgiven for thinking that once the toddler years are over you're home and dry with disrupted nights sleep!! But the brutal truth is that there are lots of reasons why your 4, 5, 6, or 7-year old could be having trouble settling to sleep or staying asleep. This is not exhaustive, but [...]

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