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Night waking in older children

You could be forgiven for thinking that once the toddler years are over you're home and dry with disrupted nights sleep!! But the brutal truth is that there are lots of reasons why your 4, 5, 6, or 7-year old could be having trouble settling to sleep or staying asleep. This is not exhaustive, but [...]

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An open letter to schools about behaviour policies…

If you are concerned about the tendencies to over-use time outs, removal of playtime privileges, being isolated from the class, denied treats or ridiculing children in order to control behaviour then please feel free to cut and paste this letter, adapt it as you see fit, and spread widely. Let's start a revolution in how [...]

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What Sleep Consultants Don’t Want You To Know

Let me set the record straight! There is no magic with sleep coaching. Have you noticed that when you google around for sleep training methods, the information is hazy?! Have you noticed that when you Google around for sleep training methods, the information is hazy?! That's because there really isn't a magic trick that works. [...]

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Milk Coming In

You’ve heard about it, you’ve read about it, maybe you’re terrified of it (not happening). But is there anything you can do about it? Or better yet, can problems be prevented? Your milk coming in (known as lactogenesis II for those in the trade!) occurs between about day 3-5 after you have given birth. Right, [...]

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How to be more patient when there’s nothing left…

...Start with being patient with yourself! Do you feel overwhelmed with tiredness and frustration, exhausted, ratty and irritable? Of course, sleep deprivation doesn't help, but first things first - look after yourself. It's a mistake not to, and one which I've learned the hard way. Sometimes it's not the lack of sleep but the relentlessness [...]

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The feeding and sleep connection

Have you ever wondered whether structuring your baby's feeds or giving them solids will sort out their sleep? Did you hang on to the promise of better sleep once you've started them on solids, only to find that it didn't make any difference? You probably know that I'm an international board certified lactation consultant. In fact, [...]

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