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What to expect from sleep coaching

Are you ready to make some gentle, positive changes to help everyone sleep better? Are you ready to accept some inconvenience for a few weeks? Do you accept that this will not be easy? Sleep coaching is not essential for everyone. If you are happy with the way things are, or cannot face making changes [...]

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How to stop breastfeeding

... with as few tears as possible Firstly, well done for every single drop of milk that you’ve made and fed to your little one! Every day, week, month and year matters to the long term health and wellbeing of your child, so you deserve to feel rightly proud. ​ There are so many reasons [...]

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Allergies and Sleep

Have you ever wondered why so many more people seem to have an allergy these days? Does it occur to you that we seem to be a sicker society than ever before? Why is the 'free from' aisle getting broader every year? A lot of people have quite a narrow and simplistic view of allergy. [...]

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Does Breastfeeding Matter?

I’ve noticed a burst of blogs and articles lately seeming to rubbish breastfeeding evidence, claiming equivalency of breast and formula milk, decrying any benefits of breastfeeding or risks of formula feeding, and defending formula as merely a choice, rather than a health dilemma. I’ve been pondering the correct response to this for some time. I [...]

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It's a common mistake to think that if you're child is ABSOLUTELY ​exhausted that they will have a particularly restful sleep. You've diligently worn them out all day, skipped the nap and gone for an early bedtime. But then your little one is up every half an hour for the first 2-3 hours of the night, and [...]

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Why I hate the naughty step

Naughty step, time out, thinking spot: They’ve all become the mainstay of disciplining young children. Gina Ford loves them, Jo Frost (supernanny) can’t tackle a problem without them. But do they actually work? Or, more importantly, even if they achieve the outcome we wanted, have we taught our children the right message? Let me explain [...]

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Developmental milestones that affect sleep

I often hear about 'sleep regressions'. I actually hate that term, because they are always associated with developmental progress! But it is true that developmental changes can play havoc with your child's sleep. I'm a paediatric nurse with over 15 years experience so I know my developmental milestones like the back of my hand - but most [...]

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