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The cry-it-out debate

Stress, cortisol, crying – what’s the big deal? I’ve been trying for some time to formulate a coherent response to recent books which continue to say that cry-it-out is not harmful (Oster, 2019; Canapari, 2019). Even public guidelines for children’s community services have jumped on the band wagon (Asmussen and Brims, 2018). But what is [...]

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Ditching the dummy – why, when and how?

Are you dreading ditching the dummy? Whether you always planned to give your baby a dummy/pacifier/soother, or you made a 2am dash to the 24-hour supermarket, you will eventually want to stop it. Many parents dread the day, or simply don't know how to go about this. I can't promise it will be easy, but [...]

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Are sleep regressions a ‘thing’?

The dreaded sleep regression! If you have a baby, have ever met another parent, or work with children, you have most likely heard about sleep regressions. But are they real? In this article, I'll try to explain what is going on, and debunk a few myths. Developmental milestones and how they affect sleep If you've [...]

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Improving sleep by adding energy and dynamics

I spend a lot of time discussing stress management and the need to remain calm, confident and connected. But adding energy and dynamics is also crucial for sleep. If you've already worked out good nap timings and tried other strategies to improve nighttime sleep, you might want to think about this. Here I'll explain what [...]

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Christmas with your newborn – enjoy and stay sane!

Congratulations on your newborn – the best Christmas present ever! At this intense time of year, the festive season can throw up some unexpected issues. Here’s how to enjoy Christmas with your newborn. Bonding and attachment First of all, Christmas or no Christmas, your first priority is your baby. Period. Whatever else you do, make [...]

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Breastfeeding after a c-section

Whether you know in advance you are having a c-section, or it is a last minute change of plan, many mothers wonder if this will have any impact on breastfeeding. It’s certainly true that there are a lot of very unhelpful urban myths around. Here, I’ll try to help you understand the impact of having [...]

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Breastfeeding after pregnancy loss and anxiety

​ Anxiety is a common part of life, and some mothers find it affects them more severely due to previous pregnancy problems. If you are the mother that experienced anxiety over every little twinge during pregnancy, you’ll know what I mean. If you’re the mother who seriously considered shelling out hundreds of pounds for private [...]

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Holistic Sleep Coaching

Holistic Sleep Coaching is something I'm passionate about. Infants and small children are vulnerable and deserve our best. Parents are also vulnerable and deserve respect, truth and choices. I'm going to attempt to summarise what I think holistic sleep coaching is all about.... The dilemma Infants are probably sleeping no differently now than they were [...]

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Calm and confident parent

How to be a calm and confident parent - sounds good right? With the best will in the world, it's not always easy to remain calm in the chaos! I often refer to teatime as the 'gutter of the day'. Why? Well, by then, most of us have reached the end of our reserves. Often [...]

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When are nipple shields helpful?

Nipple shields can divide opinion! Whether you want to know if nipple shields might help, or you want to ditch your shields, read on! I have sore nipples - should I use nipple shields? This is probably the most common reason women consider using nipple shields. The thought is that if you have nipple trauma, [...]

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