Breastfeeding after a c-section

  Whether you know in advance you are having a c-section, or it is a last minute change of plan, many mothers wonder if this will have any impact on breastfeeding. It’s certainly true that there are a lot of very unhelpful urban myths around. Here, I’ll try to help you understand the impact of [...]

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Breastfeeding after pregnancy loss and anxiety

​ Anxiety is a common part of life, and some mothers find it affects them more severely due to previous pregnancy problems. If you are the mother that experienced anxiety over every little twinge during pregnancy, you’ll know what I mean. If you’re the mother who seriously considered shelling out hundreds of pounds for private [...]

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Sleep tips for multiples

Sleep tips for multiples are not always the same as those for singletons. I'm not saying that multiple babies always bring exponentially more sleep problems! In fact, some people find that their multiples were easier than their singletons! But many families find that general sleep books contain tips that don’t always work very well with [...]

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